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Acupuncture for Everyone: Pediatric to Geriatric Health
Acupuncture is the use of sterile, stainless steel, hair-thin needles to stimulate the body's nervous system in order to Restore balance in the body, Eliminate Pain, Relax the Mind and Renew the Spirit. The roots of this ancient medicine system, over 4,000 years old, continues to address health concerns of our modern lifestyle. Acupuncture is a safe, natural, drug-free, and effective wellness option for people of all ages and walks of life. The system is holistic and personalized to the individual's constitution and lifestyle. 

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Electro-Acupuncture Medicine  

EAM is a form of health care that is rooted in Traditional Oriental medical concepts and freely blends the usage of electricity to neuromodulate the production and release of all-natural super powerful neuropeptides and neurotransmitters. It consists of diagnosis and treatment. The purpose of EAM is to maximize the human potential and innate ability to re-balance, restore and enhance health. 

The body is an electrically charged battery. EAM uses electric stimulation to counter free radicals and inflammation throughout the body. The flow of electrons moves to areas of least resistance making EAM a systemic and adaptagenic therapy for the nervous system.

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Aesthetic Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation  New Facial Patient questionnaire

Aesthetic Acupuncture and Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation is superior in restoring beauty, naturally! Expect to see improved muscle tone, improved skin tone and texture, reduced appearance of scars, reduced fine lines/wrinkles and dark spots, improved overall health to control aging factors -- all with extended results compared to Botox!

Estimated 60-90 minute session depending on services requested. Therapeutic Services may include: 
  • Deep Herbal Cleanse and Skin Exfoliation
  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture Injection Therapy of natural substances of:
    • Collagen
    • Placenta / Stem Cells
    • Homeopathies
    • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Musculofascial Cupping
  • Microcurrent Muscle Tonification
  • Facial Derma-modulation Sculpting
  • Anti-Aging & Acne-Fighting Light Therapy
  • Essential Oil and Herbal Moisturizing

What does a Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation therapy session entail? How often should it be done to see results?

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Auricular Medicine 

Auricular Acupuncture is a medical system based on using the Ear as a microcosm of the entire bodyIt is a quick, easy yet amazingly precise medicine system for healing the body and mind from internal health issues, both physical and behavioral such as poor digestion and anxiety, to external physical issues such as joint and muscle pain. Auricular medicine is so effective that specific protocols have been developed for use with military PTSD and support during alcohol/narcotics addiction rehabilitation. The ear may be stimulated by acupuncture needles, with or without bioelectrics, and/or with needle-less ear seeds. Everyone could benefit from auricular medicine whether they are looking to address a health concern or prevent one, or simply for relaxation.

  • Effective: Three (3) of the twelve cranial nerves innervate the ear, making the it the most sensory receptive microsystem in the body. Of the 3 is the Vagus nerve-- the longest nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system in the body that is responsible for reducing systemic inflammation and initiating the body's relaxation response.
  • Safe: Far from vital organs and arteries, there is little to no risk. 

Acupoint Injection Therapy / Biopuncture 

Injection of sterile substances such as herbal extracts, homeopathic pharmacopeia, vitamins, minerals and other nutrient medicinals to acupuncture points/channels that enhance and extend the stimulation of the acupuncture treatment. This therapy is offered to treat Neurological, Autoimmune, Orthopedic and Pain Management, Degenerative conditions. Treatment may include regenerative therapies such as prolotherapy, mesotherapy, neural therapy, stem cell therapy, and anti-aging rejuvenation therapy.

According to Washington State Department of Health, 

(10) Point injection therapy (aquapuncture)((;)):

(a) Is defined as meaning the subcutaneous, intramuscular and intradermal injection of substances consistent with the practice of East Asian medicine to stimulate acupuncture points, AHSHI points, trigger points and meridians. Substances are limited to:

(i) Saline;

(ii) Sterile water;

(iii) Herbs specifically manufactured for injection by means of hypodermic needles;

(iv) Minerals specifically manufactured for injection by means of hypodermic needles;

(v) Vitamins in liquid form specifically manufactured for injection by means of hypodermic needles; and

(vi) Homeopathic and nutritional substances specifically manufactured for injection by means of hypodermic needles.

(b) For the purposes of this section, includes trigger points as a subset of acupuncture points and AHSHI points as recognized in the current practice of East Asian medicine.

(c) Does not include injection of controlled substances contained in Schedules I through V of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, chapter 69.50 RCW or steroids as defined in RCW 69.41.300.


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Applied Resonance Therapy for Allergies 

Applied Resonance Therapy (ART) uses acupuncture techniques to equalize and neutralize the energetic resonance reactions of the body to foreign substances that elicit an allergic reaction.

In 1906, Clemens von Pirquet defined allergies as altered reactivity or a personal reaction to some nontoxic substance1.  His definition proposed that anything can produce an allergic reaction.  He believed the determining factor was in the personal reaction of an individual to an otherwise benign substance.
As the parts and purposes of the body were explored, Pirquet's simple definition was replaced with a more complex one based on the structure and function of the immune system.
Structure is defined as the interrelation of parts or the principle of organization in a complex entity2.  Detailed study of the structure of the immune system defined which aspects of it were related to allergies.  Based on the extent of immune activity, classifications of altered reactions were charted.
Armed with these assumptions, Western science set about developing medications to deactivate these aspects of the immune system.
This works – to a point.  Symptoms do lessen with the ingestion of these drugs.  Unfortunately for the allergy sufferer the human body circumvents these unnatural pharmaceutical influences in a way that creates the need for more or stronger medications.  This ability of the body demonstrates the other half of the western medical equation – function.

Function identifies the natural or proper action for which a person, mechanism or organ is fitted3.  Allergy symptoms are actually the first and natural action of our immune systems to the presence of a foreign substance in our bodies.  When an incompatible substance enters the body it is flushed out by the immune system.  People with fully functional immune systems are able to breath in dust or pollen, and then sneeze, or blow their noses, to rid their bodies of the irritant.
For unknown reasons the immune systems of allergy sufferers over-react with abnormal strength to certain substances.  Their immune systems identify these substances as enemies rather than mere transitory debris.  The single sneeze that would normally clear the nose becomes a prolonged misery.*

*Applied Resonance Therapy: Theory, Concepts, & Definitions

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Laser Acupuncture

When someone says lasers, you might imagine a nefarious James Bond villain and an overly-elaborate death trap begging for an easy escape. Or, you might imagine a precious giant diamond inside a glass case, tucked away in a maximum-security museum at night, with red beams crisscrossing as a challenge to a master thief. Lasers aren’t limited to fiction and overly dramatic acting, though. In recent years, the medical community is embracing evidence that lasers, when used in specific ways to treat patient symptoms, can be a very powerful tool.  

A small focused laser with a typical power level of around 100 to 500mw can be used exactly like a needle is used in acupuncture. The dosage is typically low and accomplishes the same energy release about 98% of the time. Laser acupuncture is great for kids and others who don’t like the feelings associated with needles. This type of therapy is based on releasing the blocked energy inside the body so that the body is in balance and this should accelerate natural healing.

Far from science fiction and fantasy, research is showing us that lasers are a powerful tool to reduce pain and possibly improve multiple aspects of our wellness. When combined with a 5,000 year-old medicine system, the advantages of needle-free acupuncture, and new technology; we open new doors to healthful living. The key to maintaining your optimum self comes from maintaining a regular treatment plan and receiving the correct interventions for your specific condition. With laser technology and needle-free, high-tech acupuncture, feel great in the skin you’re in.

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